Refunds & Disruptions:

If your consultation is determined by CheckUp Health (which you agree is at our sole discretion) to have constituted a ‘Disrupted’ consultation, CheckUp Health will automatically credit your CheckUp Health Account with any unused session minutes. You may use these credited unused session minutes on CheckUp Health only and for the Services on the Platform after sixty-five (65) minutes after the disruption occurred and not before. Your credited unused session minutes are non-transferrable and no alternatives shall be offered including but not limited to, cash alternatives, which under any circumstances will NOT be offered or if presented accepted. The number of credited unused minutes you receive in these circumstances shall be determined by CheckUp Health solely, but shall be reasonably reflective of the time you would have had left in the consultation that you have been unable to utilise due an issue not caused by you.

If you think you are due a refund you must Contact Us as soon as possible providing details of the Consultation (Consultation Number) and a full description in writing of the issue or concern you are raising. It is CheckUp Health’s policy to offer refunds only in exceptional circumstances, and such refunds shall be provided in the vast majority of cases as Credits to your CheckUp Health account.

We do not provide refunds in the following circumstances (you accept this is NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST, but a selection of circumstances only):

  • If you are unable to get a private prescription, legitimately and correctly provided via the Platform, fulfilled and the associated medication dispensed at a pharmacy of your choice for whatever reason.
  • If your consultation is disrupted because of your actions, as determined by us exclusively. Where and when appropriate we will credit unused minutes to your CheckUp Health Account only and at our sole discretion.
  • If you have missed your Appointment, as determined by us exclusively. In this instance you will be charged the cancellation fee.
  • If a Practitioner fails to attend your Appointment, as determined by us exclusively, we will credit unused Session minutes to your CheckUp Health Account only and at our sole discretion.
  • If your Appointment fails to occur for whatever reason, we will credit unused Session minutes to your CheckUp Health Account only and at our sole discretion.
  • If you do not receive a prescription, referral letter or sick note as a result of a consultation.
  • It took longer than the published waiting time on the Platform for your consultation to start.
  • You didn’t fully use the minutes in any session that you have started.


In the event of any non-medical complaint or dispute you should first Contact Us and fully inform us of the issues surrounding your dispute in an open and engaged manner.

In the event of any medical complaint you should Sign In to your CheckUp Health Account and complete the Medical Complaint Form, which will be sent to our Clerical Team and alerts us to the fact that there is a medical issue that requires attention. 

If you are unable to Sign Into your Account and reach the correct form, please use the normal Contact Us form and at the top of your message please write these words “I WANT TO MAKE A FORMAL MEDICAL COMPLAINT’ and provide what information you feel comfortable disclosing about the complaint to our Customer Service Team and appropriate Contact Information. Please bear in mind that when not using the Medical Complaint Form the initial readers and receivers of these messages may not be Clerical Team members – you should temper the content therefore of such message content sent via this alternative method accordingly.

You warrant to us that you will not use Chargeback services in order to self-issue refunds and that where you do in fact use or attempt to use such services that may or may not be available to you to do so, where CheckUp Health is successful in disputing your Charge Back with your provider you will pay CheckUp Health ’s reasonably incurred fees and costs in relation to administration and legal works undertaken to successfully dispute your claim. You also agree to pay such reasonable fees to us in cleared funds no more than 30 days from the dispute being successfully decided in CheckUp Health ’s favour.


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