CheckUp Health Press Release UK June

CheckUp Health. A new healthcare platform committed to providing quality, affordable virtual access to GPs and monitor health at home options in the UK.

Fungai Ndemera founded Zimbabwe’s first telemedicine practice in Jun 2016 on a strong commitment to making telemedicine and monitoring health at home a viable option for patients needing access to quick and affordable healthcare. With much thanks to the trust and support of their patients, services expanded to include one clinic based in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and the service has proudly treated over 25000 patients. It was through this experience that CheckUp Health was improved to a one-stop platform that streamlines access to telemedicine services, with no more waiting times and access to excellent healthcare whenever and wherever you need it. CheckUp Health provides urgent care services via a patient-facing Android or IOS App and the standard of care is to ensure patients are speaking with a staff member within minutes of registering. CheckUp Health also provides a specialist network referral service.

CheckUp Health has now launched its first digital practice in the UK. On a mission to make virtual healthcare conveniently, easily, and efficiently accessible to all patients in the UK. Given the recent challenges of Covid, shortage of doctors, and long wait times for appointments we provide an online service for telehealth at the patient’s convenience. Combining technology and healthcare we increase access to care and peace of mind. Using evidence-based medicine we ensure safe practice at a low cost. Providing patients with easily accessible service. CheckUp Health App also comes with FREE access to monitor health at home modules available to all including NHS patients. Thanks to Innovate Uk who funded our project that allowed for further development of monitor health at home modules.

“We realise one of the barriers to treatment and wellness for many of our patients is time and access to healthcare providers. As an online healthcare practice, CheckUp Health is able to make it easy for users to utilise its services by scheduling appointments when and where it’s most convenient for the patient,” Dr Serena Jones, Medical Director.

To learn more about CheckUp Health’s team visit Meet the Team.

The online service leverages technology to increase the accessibility of healthcare and wellness services.

Here is the full list of services and how we can help?

20 Minute appointments

Have time to get your concerns across and not feel rushed.


Sent to a pharmacy of your choice or delivered to your house.

Sick notes

We can provide sick notes where appropriate.

Blood tests

We can offer you the ability to book private blood tests at over 150 private clinics in the UK.

Daily Appointments

Book a video or telephone GP appointment at a time that is convenient for you 7 days a week.


Referral (s) to see a specialist (s) can be created during your consultation which you can download on your mobile device.

Access Personal Health Record

All your health records are kept safe, secure and accessible to you at any time.

Book an appointment when on holiday

Access a UK doctor whilst travelling for peace of mind for you and your family.

Appointments for Children

No more sitting in waiting rooms, put your child at ease by consulting from your own home at a time convenient for you!

Health Monitoring app

Conveniently record all your blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, temperature readings in one place with our brand-new app. Get interactive automatic messages if your readings are out of range and personalised recommendations when you book an appointment and share your results with one of our doctors.

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CheckUp Health Team

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+44 345 565 2081

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