CheckUp Health - A new healthcare platform committed to providing quality, affordable virtual access to GPs and monitor health at home options in Zimbabwe.

Fungai Ndemera founded Zimbabwe’s first telemedicine practice in June 2016 on a strong commitment to making telemedicine and monitoring health at home a viable option for patients needing access to quick and affordable healthcare. With much thanks to the trust and support of their patients, services expanded to include one clinic based in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and the service has proudly treated over 25000 patients. It was through this experience that CheckUp Health was improved to a one-stop platform that streamlines access to telemedicine services, with no more waiting times and access to excellent healthcare whenever and wherever you need it.

CheckUp Health provides urgent care services via a patient-facing Android or IOS App and the standard of care is to ensure patients are speaking with a staff member within minutes of registering. CheckUp Health also provides a specialist network referral service.


Hear what our users and patients have to say about us.

When I was 23 years old and had my first child, I realised I had high blood pressure. I thought high blood pressure was only for elderly people but now I know it can affect anyone. When I was born, my mother died with high blood pressure which runs in my family. My diagnosis has affected my family and I greatly.
During the pandemic I have been scared to go out so I have not gone out much at all. I am supposed to check my blood pressure every day and I would usually go to my local surgery and use their blood pressure monitoring device regularly. Since the pandemic started I have been unable to walk in to my local GP due to their restrictions so I don’t have access to a blood pressure monitoring device anymore.
It is difficult to get through to the doctor on the phone sometimes and I have had to cancel some of my appointments due to the pandemic. At the moment, I don’t know how my blood pressure is doing. It would give me a great sense of peace to be able to monitor my blood pressure from home. I think CheckUp Health is a great idea and it is really good to know that if my blood pressure went outside of safe parameters my GP would be notified.
- Ayanda Mkhize, UK

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