Workplace Wellbeing

Getting quick access to healthcare can often result in less sick days, so why wait to see a GP when you can see one now!

CheckUp Health has appointments available daily!

Reward your staff, boosting morale, whilst also ensuring they stay in the best health!

Keeping your staff healthy and in the right mindset will help increase productivity, mental wellbeing, job satisfaction and ultimately result in reduced recruitment and retraining costs.

Boosting Staff Morale

With our services your employees can benefit from:

  • Not needing to take time off work for their GP appointment.
  • On the day appointments on their phone at a time and place convenient to them 7 days a week!
  • Experienced GP’s who have extensive practice in private video and telephone consultations! Carefully selected and highly trained to offer a balanced but varied team with different special interests so everyone’s needs can be met.
  • Access to home health test kits, home phlebotomy or blood tests at over 150 clinics nationwide.
  • Downloadable PDF private referral or sick note straight after the consultation, so no delays!
  • 20-minute appointments to give the time to explain their concerns fully.
  • The ‘My health section’ that allows patients to input their BP or blood sugar readings with messages written by Doctors advising them what to do next, empowering patient to understand their conditions.
  • Appointments for any family member living at home if a family subscription is taken out!
  • The service being available to use even whilst abroad!

How It Works

We Care

We’re a small team where people matter. Our staff enjoy working with us and that ultimately helps us maintain the upmost quality during our consultations.

We would love to start supporting your employee’s health needs!

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss a corporate scheme in more detail or obtain a quote, please use our contact us form below:

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