CheckUp Health Welcomes the Announcement of the NHS App Improvements

CheckUp Health Welcomes the Announcement of the Nhsapp Improvements

The announcement of the NHS App improvements is welcome. With the work we are doing @Checkuphealth system and platform we believe that no one should be left behind and collaborative approach will be key.

We agree with Louise Ansari, national director at Healthwatch England who said said: “The digital plan is an important step to providing a better and more efficient care, and improved communication between patients and services. Improvements to the NHS app can help people be in more control of their own care while supporting the NHS’s work on early diagnosis. For example, we have already seen that there is an appetite among the thousands of people who use remote monitoring for blood pressure at home to submit readings electronically, via an app, email or website.

While the move to more digitally-led healthcare has already worked well for some people, if not delivered correctly it can create barriers for others, such as people on lower incomes, disabled people and those who don’t speak English well. As part of the digitisation plan, NHSE must ensure no one is left behind and invest in support programmes to give as many people as possible the skills and means to access remote care”.

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