For NHS Partners

Empowering GP Practices, Improve patient appointments and consultation availability. Making healthcare equitable and accessible to all.

For NHS Partners

Empowering GP Practices, Improve patient appointments and consultation availability. Making healthcare equitable and accessible to all.

About CheckUp Health

Welcome to CheckUp Health, pioneering AI-driven GP platforms transforming primary healthcare from Wolverhampton. Developed by a diverse team with over a century of combined experience, we are committed to making digital healthcare accessible and equitable for all. We empower clinicians and GP practice administrative teams with tools that enhance decision-making and streamline workflows. Our platforms support bespoke AI customisation for GPs and features multilingual capabilities, ensuring that healthcare is inclusive. At CheckUp Health, we’re not just a service; we're your partner in revolutionising healthcare.

What We Offer

GP Primary Healthcare Foundation Systems

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CheckUp Health System – Key Differentiators

CheckUp Health GP Primary Healthcare Foundation Systems Key Differentiators

  • Cloud Based
  • NHS Tech Innovation Framework
  • Voice Enabled System
  • SMS based linked messaging system
  • Video Based Consultation
  • Patient Infographics
  • Intra System Chat system for GP
  • Performa driven - Auto consultation
    Templates for Birth/Pregnancy
  • Clinical Intelligence for at Risk Patients
  • Remote Health Monitoring system at Patient
  • QoF Dashboard
  • AI Generative Prescription for suggestions
  • Multilingual
  • Free Customisation for Early Adaptor
  • Accessibility Compliant
  • Multiscreen
  • Multithread/Optimum Information Retrieval
  • Cross Practice Information at one Place
  • AI Driven OCR (ease of scanned information reading)
  • Accessibility Compliant System
  • Advanced Public Health Monitoring via QR Code
  • Customisable E-Library of Health Assessments
  • Tailored Social Prescribing with Auto-Responses

CheckUp Health Service for GP Overflow & Resilience

GP practices across the country are experiencing significant and growing strain with declining GP numbers, rising demand, struggles to recruit and retain staff and knock-on effects for patients. They have been at the forefront of the NHS's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, delivering vaccines whilst maintaining non-COVID care for patients throughout.

CheckUp Health can support NHS organisations and GP Practices by providing remote consultations and in-home monitoring, by our highly trained GP team, ideal if you are struggling with demand or recruitment!

CheckUp Health Benefits to the health and care system and GP practices

  • Overflow Support Options
  • Ease of Patient Information Maintenance
  • Easy Appointments Management
  • Easy to Record Consultations
  • Easy and convinient Prescribing Options
  • Easy Management of Referrals
  • Easy to Setup and Manage Resources across all teams

Benefits to patients and carers include:

  • Improved flexible GP practice accessibility
  • Improved access to self care and health monitoring tools
  • Improved quality of life and health outcomes
  • Improved self-management of long-term conditions
  • Time and cost saved through accessing services digitally at a time convinient to you

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